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What is Tag Checkr?

Tag Checkr is an Tag Audit Tool that lets you scan all of your site's pages and check if your Google Analytics or other tags are correctly installed. You can use our free service to verify small sites, or you can upgrade to a premium service to crawl more complex and bigger websites.


How does Tag Checkr work?

Our crawler starts by fetching your home page (or the URL that you specify when creating a site profile) and checking if the tag you defined is present. Then it will follow the links on that page to crawl your internal pages, sections, sub-sections, and so on. When it finishes, you'll get a detailed report to see whether your pages have the tag in place, don't have any tag at all, have an incorrect tag, or can also report missing pages or broken links.

Demo video

We are able to audit, not only Google Analytics tags, but also ComScore Tags or other. Check the list of Analytics tools that we are able to audit right now.